Department of Business Administration and Management


Academic study at the Department of Business Administration and Management Science, AUfH, is basically concerned with instruction and research in a common set of disciplines, concepts, techniques and technologies that address the significant phenomena and problems common to business, educational and quasi-governmental and international organizations. Bearing in mind that many administrators in the future will work in one of these arenas during their careers, the Department endeavors to train these future role-players at different levels of higher education. The programs are extensive and demanding, and each individual student is responsible for undertaking theoretical, practical and applied work to prepare him/her for the future challenges in the professional practice of the field of study, which has been called the key to the 21st Century prosperity of humanity.

Programs of study at are completely geared to the basic philosophy of education at AUFH, which emphasizes fundamental principals of preparing the student for an effective and lifelong self-development as the domain of human knowledge continues to evolve. Graduates of the Department of Business Administration and Management at AUFH are not cultivated to stop at receiving their degree, but to be able to meet the challenges of the process of change now and in the 21 st Century.

The Department offers a Professional Diploma in Management (equivalent to an Associate Degree), and the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration program in the following areas of concentration:


  • Business Administration
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Industrial Management
  • Economics
  • Accounting and Finance
  • International Business
  • Applied Computer and Information Science
  • Real Estate Sales and Management
  • Forensic Accounting



Regardless of the content and level of any particular program, all diploma and degree candidates are expected to reach a relative adequacy of proficiency to use the following:

General Knowledge of the broad context of organizations and management, including; significant trends, conditions and problems; history of science, scientific inquiry and the philosophy of science; economic, political and social analysis.

Conceptual and Empirical Knowledge of organizations, to include ; basic concepts of management; the structure and functions of organizations with emphasis on comparative analysis and interorganizational relations; levels and units of decision making; individual behavior and group norms and dynamics; operating environments of organizations.

Specific Knowledge of particular arenas of Administration to embody in-depth study of specific institutional environments for administrative practices, such as public- and private sectors and other types of organizations.

Mathematics and Statistics as tools of precise reasoning, as languages, which tend increasingly to dominate professional and scholarly literature, and as foundation for relevant quantitative methods

Technical Bases of Management, comprising such elements as decision making; operations research; systems and policy analysis; budgeting and accounting techniques; personnel policies; methods of measuring and effecting attitudes and behavior; and research design and strategies.

General Skills such as political skills, effective management of interpersonal relations, leadership strategies and tactics, and competence in oral, graphic and written expression.

Professional Orientation for identification of factors, values and policies for successful, responsible and intellectually honest performance of organizational roles, and for recognition of the administrator’s potential contributions to society, and of ethical and moral issues which arise from social research and the management of human enterprise.




  • 2 -12: University Requirements:

American University for Humanities requires that every undergraduate must demonstrate, upon entrance to the University, a High School Diploma or its equivalent, issued by a recognized educational institution, and an acceptable level of ability in English composition.

  • 2 -22: Department Requirements:

There are no prerequisites for enrollment in the Department of Business Administration and Management.

The minimum subject matter requirement for graduation is completion of a minimum of 124 semester units (31 courses), of which a minimum of 64 units should be completed in field-related free electives and mandatory core subjects.

Please Note:

Not all the courses listed in this Website are available in all campuses and study centers. The available courses will be listed in the information publications of each individual unit.

ALL courses listed in this Website are available for online studies, but will become part of a virtual classroom once sufficient number of learners (usually 12) enroll in the given course.

Courses for Professional Diploma in Management differ from one Campus to other, and are not listed here. This is due to the fact that the program will be offered only when sufficient number of candidates enroll in the program, and then the entire program will be custom made to meet the requirements of enrolled group. The program entails completion of 15 courses (60 units) of which 7 courses will be in prerequisite General Education Component related to the field of management, and 8 courses in introductory courses to management. Interested parties should consult individual units of the University.

Bachelor of Science program in Information Technology is offered at the Department of Computer and Information Science, AUFH, in collaboration with this Department.



3.1. - Bachelor of Business Administration Degree Program.

The program aims to provide the student with sufficient knowledge and skills as enlisted in the Educational Objectives of the Department, in order to enable them to integrate formal academic learning with business and Management related experiential training to relate to real-world needs.

  • 3.11. : Requirements for Graduation :

To complete the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program, the student is required to complete or have the equivalent of a minimum of 124 semester units, of which a minimum of 40 units will be in business administration core courses of the Department, and a minimum of 24 units from upper-division free- elective courses, or in case of specialization the required courses from areas of concentration, 60 units should be in General Education Component courses from any of the following areas: Natural Science, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities and Computer Sciences, and Mathematics and Engineering.

Learners can select a concentration area in Management, Marketing, Industrial Management, Economics, Accounting and Finance, International Business, Applied Computer and Information Science, Real Estate Sales and Management and Forensic Accounting.

Students completing a minimum of 156 semester units and above with a GPA of 3.00 and over will be admitted to the Honors Program of the University, and they will receive an Honors Degree.